In case of an emergency, dial 911

First-Responder-LogoLake Sullivan residents, along with the surrounding community, are very fortunate to have three high quality First Response Teams – Hillman, Fine Center and Sullivan Lake. These teams combine forces to help each other on emergency calls. Each member has been trained and is certified by the state. We are your help until the ambulance comes – which can be awhile in some instances. We are trained in CPR and emergency procedures, and arrive equipped with oxygen, defibrillators, backboards, braces, general first aid equipment, etc. When a 911 call is made, the First Response Team is paged at the same time as the ambulance.

Keep important information near your phone

Keep your address and directions to your home available by your telephone. Give this information along with the resident’s name to the dispatcher – it helps us immensely. The reason for having this information readily available is – you might be the one needing help, and this will be valuable information for a guest to know. It is also helpful if you have a list of your medications available. Keep these on your refrigerator for our reference.

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