operationIDCabin and property protection

The goal of protecting your property while you are away is to make your cabin look like you are home or will be back soon.Here are a few basic crime prevention tips to protect your property.

  • Get to know your neighbors… what do they drive, are they expected to be at their cabin…get their emergency contact information
  • Plow the driveway and mow the grass
  • Have someone pick up your mail and newspapers if you are away
  • Install exterior motion lights on garage and cabin
  • Have a couple of lights inside your cabin that can turn on and off with inexpensive timers
  • Put a dowel or broom stick in the track for your sliding glass doors
  • If you have a garage door opener you can secure the service door with brackets
  • Trim brush and trees in front of your home to make it less tempting for burglars
  • Turn your radio to a news or talk station while you are away
  • Closed shed and garage doors to attract less attention and present less opportunity
  • Lock your car and truck doors
  • Don’t leave valuables in your car or boat
  • Record serial numbers on your valuables
  • Install an alarm system
  • Consider joining Operation ID at the local Sheriffs Office
  • Monitor the activity on Lake Sullivan’s Nextdoor community

To join operation identification call the Morrison County Sheriff’s office (320-632-9233) to register for an I.D. number to mark your property or record the serial numbers of easily taken valuables. Click here to visit the Morrison County Sheriff’s website.

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