Lake Sullivan 2016 vegetation report

Freshwater Scientific Services conducted a lake-wide aquatic plant survey for Sullivan Lake on August 2-3, 2016 using the point-intercept method described by Madsen (1999). This survey incorporated assessments at a total of 219 sample points arranged in a uniform grid (125-m spacing; Figs 1 and 2). These sample points were positioned to match the locations used for the 2008 DNR survey. We loaded these selected sample points onto a handheld GPS unit (Garmin GPSMAP-78) for navigation to each point while in the field.

At each designated sample location, we collected plants using a double-headed, 14-tine rake on a rope. For each rake sample, we dragged the rake over the lake bottom for approximately 5 ft before retrieving. Retrieved plants were piled on top of the rake head and assigned density scores from 1 to 4 based upon rake head coverage (Table 3) for each individual species and for all plants collectively.

Click here to view and download the Lake Sullivan 2016 Vegetation Report.

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