Become an LSA Landing Ambassador

The Lake Sullivan Association Landing Ambassador Program (LAP) is a part of the MN Department of Natural Resources fight to control aquatic invasive species (AIS) at the two landings on Lake Sullivan. Successful applicants will greet boaters as they arrive at our landings and offer AIS information and to assist them to ensure that no AIS are introduced into Lake Sullivan. In addition, they will offer assistance to boaters as they leave Lake Sullivan to ensure that all AIS laws and regulations are followed.

Ambassadors must participate in DNR Ambassador training, which will include a background check, and most likely will be held in Sauk Rapids, MN. Hours in training will be paid and mileage expenses to attend training will be reimbursed. The date of training will be determined in the near future. A number of Ambassador positions will be available.

Our landings will be staffed by Ambassadors Saturdays and Sundays and holidays between May 13, 2017 and September 17, 2017. The Ambassadors will have 8 hour shifts on their assigned days. This program will include a total of 20 days of coverage/employment on each landing for a total of 640 hours for the season. Individuals who earn $600 or more for the season will be given an IRS 1099 report of earnings for federal and state tax purposes.

Two types positions are available (applicants can apply for both):

LAP Coordinator: One individual who will assist with the hiring of Ambassadors and be responsible for managing Ambassadors, maintaining a calendar of coverage, spot checking to ensure Ambassadors are on site, and submitting payroll information each month for hours worked. The LAP Coordinator may schedule him/herself as an Ambassador. The LAP Coordinator will be paid $750 for the season, receiving $125 per month for the six months of the season. The LAP Coordinator pay is above and beyond any pay earned while serving as an Ambassador.

LAP Ambassador: Individuals serving as greeters at the landings – 8 hours a day. Pay for an Ambassador will be $12.50 per hour with time and half for holidays. In addition to the training, and required background check applicants, must be at least 18 years of age by May 13, 2017.

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