Emergency Plan

Morrison County Emergency Operations Plan

Tornadoes, floods, blizzards and other natural disasters can affect Morrison County. In addition, major disasters such as plane crashes, communicable diseases outbreak, hazardous materials releases, sewer line leaks, national security emergencies, and acts of terrorism pose a potential threat to public health and safety in Morrison County. An Emergency Operations Plan is needed to ensure the protection of the public from the effects of these hazards.

There are three generally accepted categories of hazards:
Naturally occurring
Human caused
However, these types of hazards are not distinctly separated from each other.

The following hazards, listed from most frequent to least frequent, are identified that have occurred in Morrison County or surrounding communities. Priority emergencies include:
Radio and/or communication loss
Fire or rescue emergency
Power loss
Hazardous material spill
Ice jam, flood or dam failure
Sewer line break
Large plane crash
Terrorist incident

The Morrison County Emergency Operations Plan ensures that all government agencies function efficiently and can effectively mobilize in response to an emergency.

Click here to view the Morrison County Emergency Operations Plan (7 mb).

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